Meet our awesome team members

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Management Team

Teodor Kostadinov


Tihomir Krastev

Vice President of Technology

Emiliyan Kadiyski

Vice President Of Operations

Development Team

Todor Nikolov

Java Department Manager

Svetoslav Vasilev

PHP Department Manager

Angel Staev

Java Developer

Neda Nedyalkova

Java Developer

Nadezhda Vacheva

Java Developer

Kristiyan Zlatkovski

Java Developer

Miroslav Pavlov

Java Developer

Stefani Senkova

Java Developer

Tsvetoslav Garkov

Java Developer

Georgi Dimitrov

PHP Developer

Hristo Tsekov

React Developer

QA Team

Tonko Vlahov

QA Department Manager

Maria Ivanova

QA Engineer

Aleksander Hristov

QA Engineer

Petar Asenov

QA Engineer

BA/PM Team

Desislava Vasileva

Business Analyst

Dimitar Georgiev

Project Manager

Operations Team

Ivan Strijlev

HR Department Manager

Aneta Krasteva

Finance and Administration Manager
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