Our passion got us here


Mission & vision

We started our company in one of the poorest regions of Europe, in order to change the local ecosystem and present the locals an opportunity for a better life and job. Since then, we’ve grown and evolved to cover the full spectrum of software solutions and service the technology needs of hundreds of clients the world over.

Powered by Europe’s Silicon Valley

Founders Emiliyan Kadiyski and Teodor Kostadinov partnered early on in our existence. Teo was living and working in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, and Emo was teaching programming and working as a programmer. Together, they imagined Vola Software to be a cornerstone of the development of their favorite home-town Vratsa.

Constantly looking to what’s next

As part of an innovative and fast-paced field, we’re able to serve our clients while also looking to the future. From services like continuation engineering to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, we’re constantly seeking out and developing innovative solutions to budding technology problems.

We love what we do

One of our core values is to work with love and passion. In doing so we create deep relationships with our clients which helps us look at the problem from their eyes. This allows us to develop outstanding products, deliver the best possible service, and improve the world we live in.
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Early Formative Years

It all started with Vratsa Software academy where dozens of students graduate each year.

In the heart of one of the poorest regions of the EU, this group of Bulgarians founded an organization that provides quality technical education through free events and 9-month coding courses. They previously won the Reach for Change social entrepreneurship competition and a Google RISE award.

– Forbes

After this recognition from Forbes, Google and Huffpost, we decided that is time to start our own business.

Vola Software Team

The growth trajectory

Vola Software has been 6 years in business.

  • We have completed successfully more than 50 projects and we are looking forward to the next 100.
  • Our team reached 20 people
  • More than 30% of our developers are certified

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