Top 1000 Service Providers for 2020 Globally

In 2014 the founders of Vola Software Emiliyan and Teodor had the vision to develop the IT sector in the Vratsa region which is considered the poorest in Europe. It all started with the IT academy - Vratsa Software, where they started organizing free software courses.Little by little, Emo and Teo started developing projects for […]
Work desk with computer, phone, notepad and coffee

Work From Home Tips

The challenge we face with COVID-19 is a test for all of us. And we can get past it but it depends on how. It has to do with the big change that, after all, it leads us to something better. But every change goes through a crisis. Something to which we need to adapt […]
Software Development

First steps in choosing the right software company

In today's world every business needs some kind of software, no matter if you are a multi-million corporation or just starting your first business you are going to need at least a website. But how to choose the right software company that will get into your shoes immediately and at a reasonable price will do […]