15-25,000 €


09 Months

An ERP System

An ERP system consisting of 2 modules: a product management module and a job performance module. They allow digitizing processes at

  • execution of an order that includes the roles of technician, manager, and supplier.
  • reporting of work done by workers on a site. The roles involved in this module are Technician, Manager, and Accountant.

The problem

Handling orders by hand leads to delayed workflows and errors. It makes the whole process more transparent for all participants in the process: technician, supplier, and manager.

Reporting the work that has been done results in too many of the same types of calculations that make accounting and management less efficient. This leads to the need for more staff, which increases the cost of the company.


Business Challenges: Facilitate communication between employees to accelerate workflow.

Technological challenges: Creating a system in which requests from employees are created and received, the ability to manage lists of sites, users, product categories, products and suppliers.

Monitoring and reporting of the work done by the employees on site.


An ERP system in which there are roles – employees in the company by position and elements – objects, products, suppliers, etc. 2 modules have been created to allow orders to be digitally executed and to monitor the workflow in the company.

Maximum employee efficiency saves time and effort, which reduces company costs and increases revenue.

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