Vola Software Highlights our Team Members’ Hard Work

Now is the time to think small. Small business that is.

We interact with small businesses in our daily lives and may not even realize their far-reaching significance. They employ more than half of the working class and are a major asset to their local communities.

What’s more, they provide healthy economic competition and incentives for innovation. By having neighbors helping neighbors and friends helping friends, small businesses really are the backbone of the economy.

At this time more than ever, it’s vital that the economic players of all shapes and sizes come together to bolster small businesses and the individuals who comprise them.

That’s why our leadership team here at Vola Software would like to take this opportunity to highlight our constant recognition of and appreciation for our employees. Not only do we serve small businesses, but we are a small business ourselves.

Since 2015, we’ve been established as an innovative web and mobile software agency. Our team is composed of experts and professionals who founded an IT-training academy in our hometown of Vratsa.

This academy provides high-quality education with many national and international awards. Vratsa has a high rate of unemployment. It is our mission and responsibility to help young people find a challenging and well-paid job in the IT sector.

Over the years our team members have completed over 50 projects serving clients in a variety of industries and locations around the world. In a recent project, we developed a custom solution for a digital agency.

We provided WordPress, PHP, HTML, and CSS development as well as software architecture to build the platform. As a result, the CEO of the agency kindly took the time to leave us a review about the engagement.

They said, “The project management was flawless. The whole team was very flexible and always at hand and kept calm on yet another client change request.” They continued, “Vola was very easy and satisfying to work with while ever being absolutely professional and delivering quality results. Communication and reporting was on point.”


See what we mean? We don’t mean to brag, but our employees are devoted to meeting all of our clients’ needs and it’s great to see the impact they’ve made.  

We’re grateful for this feedback because it helps us increase our employees’ contributions. However, it also helps us build our online visibility on sites like The Manifest, a B2B platform that helps potential customers connect with other companies. 

The fact that we’re listed as a top-three web development company in Bulgaria speaks to the dedication of our team members. We’re always thrilled to celebrate their successes! 

Talk with us today to discuss your next project with our great team! 

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